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Lifelong dancer, tap, ballet, jazz, modern, ballroom, disco. Professional belly dancer since college. Diagnosed with MS (major bummer) learning to cope with that. I feel it chipping away at my intellect, now I know how HAL felt. Left-brained at work, and right-brained everywhere else. Unitarian Universalist for the diversity but also a practicing Celtic Pagan. Working on my first novel, Celtic Pagan themed. Co-Chair of Children's religious ed and co-chair of the Eclectic Cauldron--our pagan circle. Office Mgr for $3-4 billion company with only 12 employees. I'm a magpie and collect collections. Love to read, especially SF and fantasy. Big fan of vampire stories, Harry Potter, and more recently have become a Twilight perv. I love discussions on religion and spirituality.

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alanis morrisett, androgyny, anime, antique jewelry, antique vibrators, antiques, aromatherapy, art nouveau, arthurian mythology, attempting to be charming, b-52s, ballroom dancing, belly dance, bonfires, buffy, cats, celts, chest hair, children's literature, chimera fancies, colored vinyl records, contemporary fantasy, corsets, cranes for peace, crows, crystals, cthulhu, dance, dandies, david bowie, dead can dance, decadence, doctor who, dorian gray, dreams, editing, edward cullen, edwardians, elves, english literature, ethnic food, faeries, fairy tales, fan fiction, fantasy, fargo, fin de siecle, finger cymbals, flamenco, fringe, gargoyles, geeks, goblin markets, good food, good wine, greek mythology, hand drums, harry potter, hawaii, heroes, honoring my inner magpie, illuminati, indian food, irish men, jacob black, jasper cullen, jewelry, jrr tolkien, kids books, labyrinths, literature, little birds, lost, lotr, lycanthropy and other issues, marauders, masks, men in kilts, middle eastern music, modern fairy tales, muppets, muse, music, mythology, nanowrimo, new moon, norse mythology, nymphadora tonks, old books, old stories, oscar wilde, paganism, parapsychology, philip k. dick, pirates, poetry, pre-raphaelites, reading, remus lupin, role-playing, roleplaying, rpgs, sake, sca, science fiction/fantasy, scottish men, seashells, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, shinys, shortbread, sirius, sonnets, star wars, supernatural, superstition, talk like a pirate, tarkan, tarot, tea, the exotic, time bandits, time travel, tin horseshoes, tolkien, tom stoppard, travel, tricksters, twilight, urban fantasy, vampires, victoriana, waistcoats, werewolves, witch bottles, writing